Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Click on the "Forgot Password" link in the home page and enter your "E-mail address" or "Matrimony ID". 
  2. Your "Matrimony ID" and "Password" will be mailed to you immediately.Your Email address should be the one given in your profile.

  1. Login using your "Matrimony / Email ID" and "Password".
  2.   On the "My Matrimony" page in the left navigation bar below the "My Profile" subhead, Click on "Change Password".
  3.   Enter your current password.
  4.   Enter your new password and confirm the same. Click on "Change Password" button.
  5.   Your new password will be activated immediately and can be used from the next time you login.

  1. The password you have entered might be wrong. Alternatively, you might be having the CAPS LOCK "On". Please check whether the password is entered in the correct case (Upper or Lower).
  2.   Please ensure that there are no spaces in the Matrimony ID typed. For e.g., it should be A123456 not A 1234 56.
  3.   If you have forgotten your password, please click on the "Forgot Password" link to retrieve the same.
  4.   The E-mail ID you are using to login must be the same one with which you had registered on the website. Alternate E-mail IDs will not function.

Every Matrimony ID is unique and is allocated by the system. You cannot choose your own matrimony ID since it is system generated. It cannot be changed under any circumstance.

A Matrimony ID identifies each person uniquely. Please register separate profiles for you and your sibling.

We will upgrade your profile as soon as we receive your payment. An e-mail confirming your upgradation will be sent to you.

Online payment is the easiest and fastest mode of payment. You can make payments through the Internet using your net banking /credit card /debit card. Click here to make payments online.

You can send cheque/DD along with your Matrimony ID to any of our addresses. Please send cheques in the local currency of the office to which it is sent. Click here for addresses.

We will upgrade your profile once we receive your payment. If you have made the payment and your profile is still not upgraded, kindly contact us or send a mail to (email id) along with your payment details.

  1. Click on the link Register Profile Free
  2.   The form to add your profile will be displayed. Give all the necessary as well as optional details asked in the form. Click on the submit button.
  3.   Give as many details as possible, including your contact details in full. This will increase the chances of your profile being displayed when our members search for matches.
  4.   After you submit your information, your profile will be automatically created and you shall be given a "Matrimony ID" generated for future references.

Yes! In fact we have a large number of profiles being registered by parents, siblings, relatives etc.

To modify your profile contents,Login using your "Matrimony / Email ID" and "Password" On the "My Matrimony" page click on the "Modify Profile" option in the left navigation bar below the "My Profile" subhead.

  You can modify the profile contents that are displayed and confirm it by clicking on the "Modify Profile" button.

All members are restricted from changing their gender. All other contents can be modified by the member as often as they wish to do so.

To delete your profile:

  1.     Login using your "Matrimony ID" and "Password".
  2.   Select the "Delete Profile" option under "Profiles" section in the left navigation and enter the reason for deletion.
  3.   Click on the "Yes" button. Your profile will be deleted immediately.
  4.   Please note that profiles once deleted cannot be restored or reactivated.

Your profile once deleted from our database cannot be restored/reactivated.

 As a non-member you can only search for profiles of members registered on our portal. But to contact them you have to become a member.

  1. Login using your "Matrimony / Email ID" and "Password"
  2.   Click on the "Upload Photo" link under the space reserved for your Photo.
  3.   Click on the "Change Photo" link below the photo you wish to change.

  1. To ensure your privacy, you can protect your photo with a password. You can give the password to prospective alliances upon communication.
  2. Login using your "Matrimony / Email ID" and "Password"
  3.   Click on the "Basic Detail " link under the space reserved for your Photo.
  4.   Enter your photo password (different from profile password) and re-enter it for confirmation. Click on the "Submit" button.
  5.   Please note that this option is available only for Paid members.

If a member has not added his/her photo that you'd like to view, you could request the member to add it. Please note you can Request Photo only if you have added your photo.

You have the option of uploading your photograph on My Profile Page. You can upload a maximum of three photographs.

We have an exclusive interface to key in your horoscope details. Login to your Matrimony account and click Manage Horoscope

At any time, you can update your profile by clicking Modify My Profile button .

My Matches fetches the profiles matching your partner preferences that you keyed in while registering your profile. It’s dynamically updated.

Yes, you can! It’s an useful feature to make a note of the interested profiles. You need to be logged in to use the shortlist feature.

Login using your matrimonial "User ID" and "Password". Click on the "Shortlisted Profiles". You could view and delete the Bookmarked members!

After logging into your account, click on the change password link. The system will ask for your old password and then the new one then login with your new password.

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  2. • 100% verified Matrimonial profiles.
  3. • Managed by Complete Professionals
  4. • Dedicated Customer Care Service.
  5. • Post your personal profile Free!
  6. • Add more information about yourself and your family
  7. • Upload/add multiple photographs to your profile
  8. • Display your contact details to paid members
  9. • Express interest in other members for FREE

A paid membership have various packages and options to help you access advanced features of It’s Benefits:

  1. Search suitable profile through matrimonial Website
  2. • Contact suitable matches via contact number, personalized messages, and customer service.
  3. • Send and receive personalized messages.
  4. • Customer care support.
  5. • Paid Matrimonial Members get top services and benefits that are not available to members who choose a free membership.
  6. • Paid Matrimonial Members can express interest and write messages to other members of

Please read our privacy policy from Home page.

We provide various options for upgrading your membership. You can login to your matrimony account page and click upgrade button. Choose the right package for you, which will lead you to the payment page. You will be provided with various options for payment. is eager to help you find your partner at the earliest. Customer Support is top priority to us. You can contact our customer care team in any of the following ways. Contact details

Registration on Matrimonial is as easy as 1.. 2.. 3! In a single smooth procedure, you can become a member of and post your profile. All you need to do is, fill out the required information in the Member Registration Form as accurately as possible and click on the Submit button.

Absolutely nothing! Registration on Matrimonial is always FREE!!! Register Now with and post your matrimonial profile.

We understand that it may become tedious for you to fill in a long form in one single shot. However, matrimony is serious business making it important to convey detailed information to interested members. The more information you provide about yourself the more likely you are to be contacted by other members of Matrimonial. So please do take the time and effort to complete your profile. Register Now with and post your matrimonial profile.

No. All the compulsory fields have to be filled in order to complete the registration and matrimonial profile creation process. These compulsory fields provide essential information about you to other members who view your profile. Register Now with and post your matrimonial profile.

No. You may specify only one email address while registering. You can however change your email address later if you wish.

In such a case we request that you use the other option provided to you. Also, you can send an email to (email id) clearly listing the new addition you would like us to make to our matrimonial service. While we do not guarantee that your suggestion will be accepted, we will try our best to ensure that it does.

These details are usually of interest for matching horoscopes. You may leave these details blank if you are not sure of answers to these questions. However, we recommend that you try and find these answers and enter them later.

  1. Manglik is a criteria determined by the position of the stars at the time of your birth. It is generally calculated using the date of birth, time of birth and the Janam Patri (Horoscope). Manglik generally implies that there are some negative forces of matrimony that influence your life. In the case of Hindu weddings, it is preferred if a Manglik boy enters into a matrimonial alliance with a Manglik girl and vice versa, the theory being that 2 negatives make a positive. The Manglik option is important to only those people who are particular about horoscopes.
  2. If you’re not sure about whether youre a Manglik then you may select the Dont Know option as an answer.

Special Cases is a category created to refer to members who are physically or mentally challenged by birth or due to accident, or have physical abnormalities affecting looks and bodily functions.
The Special Cases option also includes HIV positive members.

Vegan is a diet that excludes all meat, fish and dairy products as well as any food derived from a living animal such as eggs.
A Vegan person is a strict vegetarian, who eats only foods of plant origin and does not eat animal or dairy products at all.

Every profile posted on is associated with only one unique email address. You may have received this error message because you or someone else has already posted a matrimonial profile using this email address. If you think your email address is being used by someone else, please do send us an email from the email address that is under contention and let us know.

Yes, it is according to the plan which you have chosen from the website.

You can search your desired profile by using quick search and the other profile search option. If you don't know the profile Id, You can search by randomly by using quick search option.

You can choose the big plan so you have time to find out the more desired profile because it always takes time to find out the desired partner.

Yes, you can update the plan after giving the rest of the amount so it will be easy for us also to make your profile visible according to the time plan you have chosen.

Simply you can go to the edit option where you can see the delete profile option is visible, you can simply click on it, It will definitely delete your profile.

Yes, without taking such facility you cannot be able to choose the desired profile.

If,You fill till full form without blank space than we can.